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Adager software development and support

Development. The members of the Adager technical team are recognized wizards who have decades of experience with CISC and RISC computer architectures, with multiprogramming and multitasking operating systems, as well as with image/sql databases. (For instance, Fred White, one of the original developers of IMAGE, is a Senior Research Fellow in the Adager Laboratories.)

Support. Our software developers are also our software maintainers. They are well motivated to produce -- and maintain -- a solid product, because they are an integral part of the support team.

Focus. We specialize and we don't try to be all things to all people. We don't waste our efforts trying to support every possible computer platform: we deal exclusively with the rock-solid hp3000. Adager customers span the globe, supporting real-life, mission-critical applications that depend on reliable IMAGE and IMAGE/SQL databases. Some of our customers, running large RISC hp3000 995/800 computers, have thousands of concurrent on-line users churning hundreds of transactions per second, day in and day out. At a reasonable cost. Without constantly fiddling to keep their system up. How about you?