HP discontinues DBChange
If you are a DBChange Licensee, Adager has had generous offers to assist you.

You pay only US$5,160 for a US$8,410 value (Adager's license is US$6,500 and the included first year's maintenance is US$1,910).

As a nice bonus for you, Adager does not use tier-based pricing.

Adager Model 2 (the full power of Adager for TurboIMAGE and IMAGE/SQL Databases) allows you to perform:

Our Research & Development Labs lead the field. Take advantage of Adager's legendary support for TurboIMAGE's continuous enhancements. For instance:

We know that you have a significant investment in DBChange command files, as we have learned through the years from many DBC users who have upgraded to Adager.

To simplify your life, Adager includes a time-tested program that automatically converts your DBC command files into Adager JobStreams.

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For further information, email or call +1 (208) 726-9100.

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