Adager Questions and Answers

How long do we plan to enhance and support Adager?
      Does Adager support the Charon HPA/3000 emulator from Stromasys?
      Does Adager have the source code of MPE/iX and TurboIMAGE?
      What versions of MPE-Image does Adager support?
      What migration policy or recommendations do we have?

Is it advisable to copy a database that is attached to SQL via a DBEnvironment?

Can I update (or install) Adager while users are on the machine?

Have you installed your latest Adager tape?
      MPE/iX 7.5 and MPE/iX 7.5 Express 1
      MPE/iX 7.0 and MPE/iX 7.0 Express 1
      MPE/iX 6.5 Express 2 (IMAGE version C.09.02 or newer)
      MPE/iX 5.5, MPE/iX 6.0, MPE/iX 6.5 and MPE/iX 6.5 Express 1

Adager does not recognize this machine's HPSUSAN

Software versions
      How do I find Adager's version, validity period, IMAGE version?
      How do I find the versions for all of my IMAGE components?

Possible NM stack overflow and system abort 1458 under IMAGE C.09.02 (and newer)
      If you do not use HP B-Trees, this note does not apply to you.
      Version background
      IMAGE C.09.02 (and newer)
      Temporary Adager work-around
      Permanent Adager fix
      How do you find out your IMAGE version?

      TpiMaint failure when Adager is reindexing Omnidex

      How do I find Adager's commands?

Adager authorization code
      Can you guys let me know how to set this back? Or is it a secret?

TimeStamp inconsistencies in Jumbo datasets after restoring from a backup
      The problem
      The Adager solution
      The HP solution

Disc-space requirements
      When adding new datasets to a database

How do I reset AUTODEFER on a database?

Adager Questions and Answers