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Adapt TurboIMAGE structures

Create new datasets •
Delete fields •
Add paths for high-traffic data •
Redefine data items for ODBC •
Alter primary paths •
Remove structural clutter •
Change dataset types •
Drop unused paths •
Modify field layouts •

and more, for IMAGE flexibility
Manage TurboIMAGE performance

Defragment datasets •
Regain unused disc space •
Resize datasets •
Spread datasets around •
Check database consistency •
Reorganize datasets •
Erase datasets quickly •
Fix broken chains •
Streamline high-traffic paths •

and more, for IMAGE productivity

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Make your TurboIMAGE databases happy:
Ask for your 30-day Adager demonstration kit.

• Does Adager support the Charon HPA/3000 emulator from Stromasys? Yes.
• Does Adager have the source code of MPE/iX and TurboIMAGE? Yes.
• Adager started in 1978. How about enhancements and support beyond 2023?
• Adager has supported Jumbo datasets (larger than 4 GB) since 1995
Interview with Adager's CEO (HTML)
• The 3000 NewsWire: Adager test drive (PDF)
Interview with Adager's Lab Manager (PDF)
Apollo 13's Jim Lovell talked MPE-Image with Adager
• Hewlett-Packard honored Adager's Lab Manager
• Adager continues to retool its legendary Database Therapy

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