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By Lars Appel (HP Response Center, Germany)

Abstract: This paper discusses the porting of Unix based Open Source software to MPE/iX. By sharing his experience from various freeware-porting projects, the author gives an overview of the porting process in general, and guides through the typical steps using a real freeware package as an example. The chosen PGP example combines typical porting issues as well as a few exotic ones.

About the author: Lars Appel works at the HP Response Center in Germany since 1991, providing primarily HP 3000 software support. In his leisure time, he ported Samba and several other freeware packages to MPE/iX. He also participates in the HP3000-L Internet discussion group.

By Wirt Atmar (AICS Research, University Park, NM, USA)

By Patrick Mullen (Adager)

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By F. Alfredo Rego (Adager)

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